Want to know the different fun facts about Charlotte, North Carolina

Whether you are living in Charlotte city, NC or you are a traveller, you should need to be aware of the coolest place to visit and different fun charlotte facts to enjoy in this town. The following are interesting facts about Charlotte city and everyone will be excited with all these things.

Fun facts about Charlotte city:

  • Charlotte was a first gold rush location of United States in 1799 – The Carolina gold dash started in the year of 1799 later than the first gold nugget of the country was found in Cabarrus County by the 12 years old boy. The second one was found in the year 1803 that guided to the farmers of the Carolina checking their land for gold mining until the 1830s. At present, Reed Gold Mine is the locality where the initial golden nugget was initiated and it is considered to be the remarkable landmark in Cabarrus nation. Here in this location, most of the travellers willing to have a vacation and mine for historic dairy queen Charlottecollecting their own gems.
  • Charlotte city has made some appearances on both the small and big screens – Charlotte city is the major attractive place to the television and film producers to take the several shots over the years.
  • K. Polk was born in Pineville – James. K. Polk is actually the 11th president of United States and he was born in the Pineville road of Charlotte in North Carolina.
  • Charlotte city is the pimento cheese capital of the globe – In the year 1953, Wilkinson Blvd family own kitchen started the bulk production and selling of the pimento cheese to the local grocery shops. Now days, there are the several numbers of the pimento cheese producers available in this country and making thousands of pounds per week. The Charlotte is famous for the pimento cheese and now exporting throughout the world.
  • There is a historic dairy queen from this Charlotte city and it is located on Wilkinson Blvd, North Carolina. It has now become a historic landmark of this city. Its unique logo with the ice cream cone held by Eskimo encourages everyone to never miss this shop to taste the ice creams.
  • There are more than 1,70,000 dogs and cats registered as pets particularly in Mecklenburg County. Many people love pets here and there is an amazing new cat cafe where the people can taste a cup of coffee and your pets can enjoy the available friendly games.
  • The Queen City (QC) is the largest metropolitan region in United States which doesn’t have a zoo – There is not even one zoo in this Charlotte city to see the wild animals.
  • Charlotte is the largest city in North Carolina State – In the entire state of North Carolina, Charlotte is one and only the largest city than all other cities.


For the travellers, there are several numbers of hotels, restaurants with different cuisines, resorts and more available to enjoy. You need to understand all these facts and book your accommodation prior going there online.

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